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Welcome to our vibrant online magazine! Dive into a world where we celebrate women in food and agriculture, showcasing their accomplishments, stories, and inspiring journeys.

Our magazine provides a platform for in-depth interviews, thought-provoking articles, and insightful pieces that aim to empower and inform our community. Stay updated with the latest trends, innovation, and success stories in the industry through our visually captivating and engaging content.

Capacity - Academy

Our Capacity Academy is dedicated to equipping women in the food and agriculture sector with the knowledge, skills, and networks needed for professional growth and personal development.

Join our Academy to access a wide range of exclusive educational resources, including online courses, workshops, expert-led webinars, and interactive learning experiences. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, industry professional, or an enthusiast looking to expand your understanding, our Capacity Academy offers a supportive environment where you can learn at your own pace and connect with like-minded individuals.

Capital Camp

Looking to take your food or agriculture business to the next level?

Join our Capital Camp! Our exclusive program connects women entrepreneurs with investors, mentors, and industry experts who can provide invaluable guidance and financial support.

Discover opportunities to pitch your business ideas, gain insights into securing funding, and learn from successful entrepreneurs who have navigated the path to growth.

At Capital Camp, we believe that every woman deserves the chance to make her mark on the food and agriculture industry.



Opening doors to a world of possibilities, our Commerce platform offers a marketplace specifically designed for our community members. Discover a vast array of products, including artisanal foods, agricultural supplies, and unique creations crafted by women-owned businesses. By supporting one another through Commerce, we foster a sense of collaboration and empowerment within our community. Whether you’re seeking ingredients for a recipe or goodies to grace your pantry, indulge in a shopping experience that aligns with your values and supports women in the food and agriculture sector.



Recognizing exceptional talent, leadership, and innovation within our community, our Awards program celebrates the remarkable achievements of women in food and agriculture. Through our comprehensive nomination and selection process, we ensure that deserving individuals receive well-deserved recognition and appreciation.

Join us in honouring those who are making a significant impact in the industry and inspiring future generations of women to thrive in food and agriculture.

We believe that women are a vital part of the food and ag industry and that by working together we can make a real difference. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, including farmers, food producers, chefs, entrepreneurs, researchers, markets, and more.

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