This August's Networking Events

Accra & Abuja

Breakfast Networking Event

 The focus is on networking and establishing valuable professional connections while starting your day with a hearty breakfast. Exchange business cards, share ideas, and collaborate on potential opportunities. The event includes short presentations or guest speakers to inspire and educate participants in industry topics. 

Networking Dinner

Our networking dinner brings together members and industry professionals for an evening of mingling, sharing experiences, and making connections. It provides a relaxed setting where WiFAI discuss common challenges, seek advice, and foster collaborations

Industry Panel Discussion

This event brings together experts from the industry to discuss current trends, challenges, and opportunities. Members gain valuable insights, broaden their knowledge, and engage in interactive discussions with industry leaders. Our panel discussion covers topics such as emerging technologies, market analysis, or best practices, providing members with relevant and up-to-date information.

Member Appreciation Gala

The member appreciation gala is an annual event dedicated to celebrating and thanking members for their continuous support. It typically features a formal dinner, entertainment, and recognition of exceptional members or national and international  achievements. 

Workshop Series

The workshop series is designed to offer our members practical skills and knowledge that enhance their professional growth. These workshops cover a range of topics such as marketing strategies, leadership development, financial management, or digital transformation. Experienced professionals or trainers facilitate these interactive sessions, allowing members to actively participate, learn, and apply newfound skills to their respective fields.

Annual Conference and Expo

The annual conference and expo is the highlight event of WiFAI. It provides a platform for members to come together for a multi-day event featuring keynote speeches, breakout sessions, expert presentations, and an exhibition showcasing products and services. This event aims to inspire and educate members, fostering collaborations and sharing of ideas among participants. It offers valuable networking opportunities and allows members to stay updated with industry trends and innovations.

Wellness Retreat

In recognition of the demanding nature of the industry, organising a wellness retreat is an excellent way to prioritise members’ personal well-being. This event includes activities like meditation workshops, nature walks, and spa treatments. It allows women in food and agriculture to relax, recharge, and build connections in a serene environment while learning about self-care practices that enhance their overall health and happiness

Business Pitch Competition

Members have the chance to present their food or agriculture-related business ideas to a panel of industry experts and potential investors. This event encourages entrepreneurship and provides a platform for members to showcase their innovative concepts. Participants not only gain valuable feedback but also potentially secure funding or partnerships for their ventures.

Industry Tour

This event provides members with a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes and explore various sectors of the food and agriculture industry. The tour includes visits to local farms, food processing plants, vineyards, or even distribution centres. Members gain valuable insights into the processes involved in food production and get a closer look at the industry’s key players.

We believe that women are a vital part of the food and ag industry and that by working together we can make a real difference. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, including farmers, food producers, chefs, entrepreneurs, researchers, markets, and more.

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